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What’s New in the World of Boba Tea?

The U.S. is a big coffee drinking country, with each person consuming on average 8 fluid ounces every day. However, tea is fast making a big impact in the beverage industry. Tea consumption is already at one-third that of coffee and boba tea is helping to increase the number. Those craving new flavors who want to retain the social aspect of coffee drinking are replacing coffee shops with tea lounges.

Industry News

When typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan, there were bets as to whether Taoyuan International Airport would be flooded — but the bets were made in boba tea rather than money. One Facebook user set up an event page where around 200,000 people specified their orders, including their ideal quantities of ice and sugar in the tea. This data reveals the most popular ice and sugar content, which is highly valuable to anyone in the boba tea industry.

The top combination, with 47,621 orders, was three-quarters ice and half sugar (1 gram in a large cup or 0.75 grams in a medium cup). A close second with 36,885 orders was no ice but the same amount of sugar. Most significantly, 78 percent of orders wanted half sugar or less.

What’s New at Teapioca Lounge?

New Add-Ons

To make drinking tea at Teapioca Lounge even more enjoyable, we have increased options for add-ons. Joining the 20 previous add-ons are flavor busters and mixed mini mochi.

Our Apps

Monsters vs Fruit Shooter

Instead of playing for points, win actual drinks at Teapioca Lounge when you play Monsters vs Fruit Shooter. The game will send you to our virtual drink lounge in a luxurious city, where you will need to defend yourself from monsters attacking your favorite drink corner. To survive, you’ll need to use fruits and other items from the drink lounge, with every level sending you stronger, angrier, and a greater number of monsters.

Once you’ve filled the winning meter, you’ll gain a real-time offer for a golden coupon. As soon as you receive the coupon, hurry over to Teapioca Lounge for a free drink of your choice.

Monsters vs Fruit Shooter is available for iOS, Android, and Facebook apps for free.

Boba Bursters

Bubble shooting games are some of the most popular around, which is why we’ve created our own. Boba Bursters features more than 100 levels of addictive play with 3D graphics, attractive backgrounds, and the chance to collect boosters and props for extra fun. Play competitively and attempt to reach the leaderboard or play for an unlimited time in endless mode.

Download Boba Bursters free for your iOS or Android device.


Keep your mobile device safe when unattended by going beyond a simple passcode. With our PosLock app, if anyone moves your device, an alarm will sound. It’s easy to activate — with just one click you lock the position of your device. The app is free for both iOS and Android.

Teapioca Timer

Want to make perfect tea at home? Timing is essential but varies according to the type of tea. With our app, you can set a timer for black, green, white, oolong, or herbal tea. Download the app for your Android device.

Franchise Opportunities

We’ve just opened a new location at Round Rock, TX, giving you another option to enjoy boba tea. If you’d like the chance to enter the tea business just as it’s taking off, contact us to find out about franchise opportunities.

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Becoming a franchisee of Teapioca Lounge allows you to profit from some of the most popular beverages on the market. Bring your customers exactly what they want by planning your menu according to their demographics. To add to the appeal of your tea lounge, choose from a range of extras, including meeting tables, WiFi, and board games. We will offer you all the support you need to create a successful business. Our customer service team is always available to resolve issues and provide you with advice on increasing sales at your franchise.


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