What’s New in the World of Boba Tea?

The U.S. is a big coffee drinking country, with each person consuming on average 8 fluid ounces every day. However, tea is fast making a big impact in the beverage industry. Tea consumption is already at one-third that of coffee and boba tea is helping to increase the number. Those craving new flavors who want to retain the social aspect of coffee drinking are replacing coffee shops with tea lounges.

 Amazing facts about Green Teas

According to a Chinese legend, a man called Shien Non Shei went for a walk one day. This was about 5000 years back. He came across a plant which he happened to taste by accident. This man admired the taste of the plant and therefore, he tried to make tea using it. Upon this tea variety being discovered, Chinese made it part of their diets. They brewed it in water in form of very fresh leaves. That is the way that they used to drink tea before the fermentation versions were introduced. Today, the tea is renowned globally. Many people now recognize it as a great medicinal source of antioxidants.

Introducing Black Teas

Thousands of years back, the Chinese used tea as one of the herbal remedies. By the 3rd Century BC, Chinese had started drinking it for pleasure. They not only began cultivating it but also introduced methods of processing it. Their aim was to be able to preserve the fresh leaves.

 What you need to know about Oolong Teas

When compared to black and green teas, oolong teas are the oldest. The origin of Oolong teas is Fujin Province, China. They started drinking it in the 17th century. In Chinese, it is referred to as ‘dark green tea’.  A plant named Camellia Sinensis is the origin of this tea. This Chinese tea plant is the one that also produces green and black teas. The difference is brought about by the way they are treated during harvesting, and even the way they are aged and treated.

What you did not know about White Teas

While people have enjoyed tea for around 5000 years, white teas were introduced around 200 years back. Among the major types of teas, white teas are the ones that were introduced last.

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